• Biofeedback


    Helps to decrease the body's responses to stress and anxiety, and to reduce pain.

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  • Neurofeedback


    This real-time auditory and visual feedback allows individuals to train their brain toward a more consistent and desired level of functioning.

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  • Brain Music Therapy


    Helps to improve sleep, decrease anxiety and stress, decrease frequency of headaches, migraines and more.

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  • SmartDriver


    Helps young adults and the elderly develop skills needed to become alert and safe drivers.

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If You Are a Student Who Is...

  • Functioning below your potential
  • Struggling academically
  • Experiencing problems with staying focused
  • Not  able to deliver school assignments in a timely manner
  • Overwhelmed by amount of material to absorb
  • Having difficulties in social gatherings due to fragmented attention

If this describes you, or someone you know, then learn about
How We Help the Student.


“I used to have trouble getting good grades because I used to try and make up excuses to skip school. I just didn’t want to be there. But now things are better, and I don’t have as many problems as before. I have a normal social life. I can now control my anger better. My impulses are smaller, and it’s easier to make better decisions. This game is teaching me something… there are many distractions in life. You have to block them out so that you can achieve your goals.”
- Michael, Student, age 12

"Before I began this program I assumed there was no chance of improving the conditions affecting my social anxieties. I have tried over and over again to make improvements in this area with out success for so many years that I finally came to accept that I would not improve.... that I was the way I am. Because I engaged in this program, I have made dramatic improvements, and even more important is the confidence I have gained and knowing I can continue to improve."
- Elliott, MA Student and Professional, age 41


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