• Biofeedback


    Helps to decrease the body's responses to stress and anxiety, and to reduce pain.

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  • Neurofeedback


    This real-time auditory and visual feedback allows individuals to train their brain toward a more consistent and desired level of functioning.

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  • Brain Music Therapy


    Helps to improve sleep, decrease anxiety and stress, decrease frequency of headaches, migraines and more.

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  • SmartDriver


    Helps young adults and the elderly develop skills needed to become alert and safe drivers.

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How We Help the Professional Or Executive

In a professional life, in fact, you may be in a dual position:

  • You may struggle with your own difficulties.
  • As a manager, you may observe struggle of your staff to consistently operate at their full potential due to being burned out. Being aware that your company is exposed to the constant market and organizational challenges you need to secure the best performance of your human assets.  Recent surveys indicate that HR Professionals rank Talent Management and Retention as one of the top priorities.  With that in mind you may be interested in encouraging peak performance training to your top employees to further increase their productivity at the workplace while reducing their subjective sense of stress.

We offer personalized training programs which will advance your own or your staff’s ability to:

  • Process more information within the same time
  • Multitask and work comfortably under pressure
  • Improve decision-making process
  • Improve time management
  • Improve problem solving skills
  • Prioritize and meet deadlines
  • Improve attention, focus, and concentration
  • Improve communication skills
  • Accelerate learning speed
  • Enhance creativity and imagination
  • Increase performance confidence
  • Create the balance between your professional and personal life

We will start with listening to your expressed list of struggles and your concerns about the ways stress affects you.  We will then proceed with assessment of your cognitive abilities and how they affect your resilience and your ability to cope.  Based upon the results of the evaluation, we will propose training protocols to help you to maximize the operational capacity of your brain while minimizing the effect of stress, leading to more balance and satisfaction in your life.

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